Chemistry, Life Science & Engineering Recruitment

Contract Services

In addition to our outstanding permanent recruitment services, VRS also offer an all-encompassing temporary and contract service to those wishing to employ short and long-term staff.

Looking to hire contractors?

Temporary and contract workers can provide a number of benefits to your business:

  • Experience - Contract workers can offer much needed knowledge and experience to supplement your team on a short or long-term basis. Specialist consultants can provide not only technical expertise but objectivity and a fresh viewpoint; which can help kick-start projects and implement change
  • Short/Long term leave - Hiring a temporary worker can be a quick and economical way to cover permanent employees who are on leave due to maternity/paternity, sickness, sabbaticals, etc
  • Busy periods and upcoming projects – If you anticipate a sudden increase in workload temporary workers can provide a much-needed extra pair of hands to smoothly navigate busy periods
  • Try before you buy – increasingly companies are employing candidates on a temp-to-perm basis. Bringing in candidates on a short-term basis allows you to fully gauge a candidate’s skills and fit with the team before hiring them on a permanent contract

What we offer?

VRS identify and source contract/temporary workers, covering a diverse range of scientific sectors. VRS personnel are available for short and long contract durations, at highly competitive rates. VRS take the stress out of your recruitment – freeing up your time with a comprehensive one-stop solution. This includes identification costs, full payroll service, administrative services, employers NI, pension, holidays, HR advice and insurance cover - saving you time and effort!

Why choose VRS?

Since 2001 VRS has been the UK's market leading Analytical Chemistry recruitment consultancy. Having built upon our specialism in the field of mass spectrometry and chromatography, VRS have extended our tailored recruitment service into the Life Sciences, Sales and Engineering sectors. All our candidates and clients receive a bespoke and highly professional service from our team of experienced scientific recruitment consultants.

What are you waiting for?

If you would like to learn more about our contract services and discuss how VRS can help with your temporary and contract working needs please contact us today!