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As a dynamic SME we are able to quickly respond to our clients’ needs – should you have a large recruitment drive planned we are able to allocate our resources accordingly to support you.

Our scientific recruiters have a broad range of technical backgrounds, from core chemistry, biology and biochemistry through to technical sales and engineering. As such we are able to allocate recruiters with the most appropriate technical backgrounds to resource on individual roles.

VRS believe a strong understanding of the working environment and culture of your business is key. We endeavour to visit our clients’ sites and meet hiring managers, HR and departmental teams to ensure we have a thorough appreciation of requirements – essentially what makes a good fit for your team. Subsequently, we ask candidates a range of questions in order to make a judgement whether their skills and values are a good match to your requirements. VRS are happy to put specific questions to candidates on your behalf. We identify candidates via:

  • Candidate search on VRS database
  • Adverts on VRS website
  • VRS contacts, referrals and network – both industrial and academic
  • Third party advertising and databases
  • Attending meetings and advertising within forums

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