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What’s our job? To get you the best candidate!

We’re brilliant at consistently finding our clients the best candidate for the job.

What’s our secret?

  • Each of our team members has a bespoke network, focussed on their industry area, be it, Analytical chemistry, Life Sciences or industry related Sales, Marketing or Engineering
  • We understand it’s not just about the technical and soft-skills are an integral part to any hire. That’s why we personally speak with each candidate before submitting them to your role

From over 20 years in the game, we are experts at utilising our extensive databases, networks and contacts to find the person(s) to tick all your boxes, be it for a bespoke hire through to large recruitment drives.

Why choose VRS? We always:

  • Discuss each individual role with you to understand; key technical, soft skills and level of experience required
  • Match your vacancy to the best technical recruiter
  • Verbally qualify each candidate before CV submittal
  • Arrange interviews & offer negotiations

We love knowing our clients and building strong working relationships with you through site visits and regular contact. This helps us find you the perfect fit for your organisation.

We know we are representing your company to your next potential employee and, as all-round good eggs, we will make sure your business impresses!

Best of all

We will only ever send you a candidate if we’re sure they know what they’re talking about and that they match your company’s working culture and values. We are true believers of quality over quantity, thus saving you and your team valuable time.

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