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Jim Waters; Delivering Benefits for 95 years

It is with sad news that the Founder of the Global Waters Corporation, James (Jim) Waters, passed away on May 17th, aged 95 years old. He was an industry pioneer and entrepreneur in the scientific world, and his company, to this day, is producing essential instruments for our fast-evolving lives.

With Navy training and a Physics degree from Columbia University under his belt, Jim launched “Waters Associates” in 1958, renting a Police Station basement with only 5 employees. Now, Waters has 7,400 employees and is a $1.9 billion corporation, with headquarters in Massachusetts, and manufacturing facilities located in England, Ireland, Germany and Japan.

Their first product was a Refractometer (measuring concentrations of aqueous solutions) and for over 60 years, Waters has pioneered chromatography, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis instruments globally.

Companies contract Waters for one-of-a-kind instruments for various purposes. In 1963, “Dow Chemical” purchased Water’s first gel permeation chromatography instruments, and later invested $400,000 into the company. Further, in 1972, a Dr. from Harvard University helped Water’s first synthesis of vitamin B12.

From cosmetics to painkillers, pesticides to oil, an enormous variety of industrial products are tested using Water’s instruments. Their long-term focus is enabling prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Jim Waters trusted his instincts when it came to manufacturing and sales. In 1967, the first liquid chromatography system was produced, and Jim knew it was going to become very popular in the industry. He was correct. LC system sales blew up, he named his clients “the liquid chromatography people”, and their sales were 5 times larger than their nearest competitor.

Jim was known as a “brilliant and spirited scientist and businessman” by his colleagues and the world.

“Deliver Benefits” – Jim Waters, 1925-2021

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