Chemistry, Life Science & Engineering Recruitment

Location, Location, Location and Graduation!

Look we get it, it’s hard. It’s just as annoying for recruiters as it for you that these labs are occasionally in some pretty random places!

But take it from us old experienced recruiters, getting your ‘foot in the door’ as soon as possible is so important. Get that real world experience, even if it’s not your ideal location; this is your starting point for your career and you want to get the foundations right so you can build it.

Don't Forget...

It is competitive out there, trust us! And in 9-10 months’ time there’ll be a new batch of graduates starting their job search. So all we’re saying is be open on location, you don't have to live there forever. Yes it may be cheaper living at home for now, but it could cost your career prospects in the long run!

Embrace a New Era

As a recent graduate, one of your biggest advantages is your flexibility! Don’t overlook it, embrace it! This is your next big step in life - the first "proper job", stepping onto 'the career ladder', entering industry - whatever you wish to call it! Remember this - not long ago, more than likely, you moved across the country and moved in with a few peeps you had never met before to start university – and I’m guessing it was pretty fun?! Now imagine that, but with an actual salary in your back pocket!

Relocation Advice & Help

There are plenty of websites out there to help you search for flats/house shares. Recruiters may also be able to provide suggestions or advice if it’s a company/area they’ve worked in for a while. Companies can also give advice and are more than happy to provide references for landlords or letting agencies. They are generally very supportive through the whole process and if you ask nicely, they may even contribute financially to your relocation costs!

So what are you waiting for, start applying!

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