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It's Simple...Start NOW, not later!

You don't have to wait for your final grade or the graduation ceremony, a lot of grads start applying and successfully landing jobs before their end of year exams are complete, with start dates ranging across the summer usually from June onwards.

The Grad Advantage

One of the many big advantages for employers in hiring graduates is that you don’t need to work a lengthy notice period (maybe just a minimal one for any part-time jobs) and are generally available at short notice for interviews. Employers are banking on this and it’s important you seize that opportunity.

Just a little more to go...

Degrees are hard work, especially in a pandemic, and we TOTALLY empathise with the need for a break, but the world has not stopped turning. If anything, science is busier than ever, so strike whilst the iron is hot..

…start looking and applying for jobs now!

Exams & coursework projects were tough and the country is just starting to re-open again following another lockdown, but the early bird catches the worm! It’s time to open that laptop up again and commence your job hunt. Companies don’t have the summer off, it’s an all year round kinda gig, and they are busy and need staff ASAP!

It is time to prioritise...

Why? Because it’s very competitive out there! Finding and securing an industry based job should be your number one goal, if you want that long-term scientific career.

It might not be as labour intensive as you think, companies and recruiters are on the constant search for good graduates, especially at this time of year.

What to do... Making yourself identifiable & contactable is key to standing out, here are a few things you can do straight away:

  • Set up a professional looking LinkedIn profile, detail Uni/project work and key skills in your profile, include any recent part-time jobs
  • (Lockdown all other social media to private settings, if you don’t want future employers to see your Insta or Facebook!)
  • Write your CV & get it checked, checked & checked again
  • Register your CV on a few job boards such as CV library, Reed, Indeed etc
  • Register with a few specialist recruitment agencies, especially VRS!

And you’re off...

During your job search, demonstrating your ability to start sooner rather than later is a big plus (i.e. June/July as opposed to August/September). It is viewed as a positive attribute by companies; it shows motivation, drive and ambition – just what your new employer wants to see!

It's not the end of Summer!

Oh and don’t forget that you are entitled to take time off work – you won’t lose your chance for holiday. You’ll still get a break, and you’ll likely have an even better summer meeting new work pals, in your dream job & earning a load of wonga; what more can you ask for?!

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